Effective and efficient

TrustLube lubricating systems are effective and efficient. They lubricate completely independently, even those parts that are hard to reach or inaccessible. The lubrication points are supplied with an exact, but minimum dose of lubricant. All TrustLube installations are suitable for both oil and grease. The choice depends on the requirements of the part to be lubricated.

The hermetically sealed systems prove their worth in practice throughout the world under all circumstances. Lubrication is done unnoticed: usually during the production process. Ambient temperature, pipe length and viscosity do not affect the amount of lubricant dosed.

TrustLube systems are used in the (petro) chemical, dredging, offshore and maritime industry. The special stainless steel systems provide protection against chemical influences and are 100% seawater-resistant.

If you would like to know more about what TrustLube can do for you, just send a mail to any of our engineers: info@trustlube.com

  • Effective and efficient

    The TrustLube solutions prove themselves all over the world in all conditions.