Reliable and flexible

TrustLube dosing valves come in different formats and they are individually fitted on robust manifolds. Each lubrication point is supplied with an exact dose under high pressure and that is why we call our dosing valves ‘metering devices’. The ‘simplicity’ of these metering devices makes them extremely reliable and they deliver top performance in a wide range of environments.

 Modular expandable
• Separate dose per lubrication point
• Extremely accurate
• Can be deployed in very complex systems
• (Sea)water-resistant, immune to sand, dirt, chemicals
  and cleaners
• Each TrustLube metering device is suitable for both grease and oil

If you would like to know more about what TrustLube can do for you, just send a mail to any of our engineers: info@trustlube.com

  • TrustLube doseurs

    Robust, (Sea) waterproof and resistant to sand, dirt, chemicals and detergents.